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The legal system in the United States can be very complex, and when you are facing legal issues related to your family or your business, you may be unsure of how to proceed or where to turn for help. In these cases, you need an experienced attorney who can answer your questions, help you understand your rights and your legal options, and provide you with representation in court proceedings. 

At SBK Law Group, our team of dedicated lawyers has over 25 years of combined experience, and we work to provide our clients with legal help and high-quality representation. Whether you need to address issues related to your family, help your loved ones immigrate to the United States, or ensure that your business is prepared for growth and success, we will work with you to address your concerns and meet your needs.

Legal Help With Family Law Matters

Spouses, parents, or other family members may need to address legal issues in family court, and the decisions made in these cases can have a major personal, financial, and emotional impact on everyone involved. We can assist in resolving family law issues involving:

  • Divorce and Legal Separation - When a married couple gets divorced or legally separated, they will need to address a variety of legal and financial issues, including dividing marital property and determining eligibility for spousal support. In amicable divorce cases, couples may be able to work together and cooperate to reach a settlement, but in contested divorce cases, litigation in the courtroom may be necessary.
  • Child Custody/Allocation of Parental Responsibilities - When separating, parents will need to create a parenting plan that determines how they will share in the responsibility for raising their children. They will also need to create a schedule that describes how parenting time will be divided.
  • Child Support - All parents have an obligation to provide financial support for their children. In Illinois, child support is determined by considering the amount of income earned by both parents.
  • Divorce Mediation - When using this method of alternative dispute resolution, spouses will work together with a neutral, third-party mediator to create a settlement that addresses their outstanding legal issues.
  • Post-Divorce Modifications - If either party experiences significant changes in their lives following divorce, they may petition to have their divorce decree modified to make adjustments to child custody, child support, or spousal maintenance.

Estate Planning Guidance

Creating a plan for the future can ensure that family members will be provided for and that a person's wishes will be followed. During the estate planning process, families may need to address:

  • Wills - A last will and testament can specify a person's last wishes, including how their assets should be distributed to their heirs and who they want to serve as a guardian of their minor children.
  • Trusts - These financial agreements can be used to protect assets and distribute them to beneficiaries either before or after a person's death.
  • Power of Attorney - A person can name someone who they would like to make decisions for them regarding healthcare or finances if they ever become incapacitated.
  • Probate and Decedent's Estates - Following a person's death, their executor or personal representative will oversee the process of carrying out their last wishes and distributing assets to heirs.

Assistance With Business Law Concerns

Business owners will want to take steps to ensure their company can be successful while protecting themselves from liability. We can assist with multiple types of business law issues, including:

  • Business Formation - New startups or existing businesses will want to select the correct business entity and meet their requirements for establishing a structure for the business.
  • Contract Review and Disputes - A business may need to enter into employment contracts, partnership agreements, vendor contracts, purchase contracts, commercial leases, or other contractual agreements. In some cases, disputes over these contracts may need to be resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Other Areas of Legal Representation

We can also provide legal help in cases involving:

  • Guardianship - A person may need to be named the legal guardian of a minor child or disabled adult.
  • Lawsuits and Litigation - We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits seeking to recover money owed by one party to another.

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The attorneys of SBK Law Group are ready to help you address legal issues involving your family or your business. Whether you need to get divorced, create an estate plan, or start a business, we can provide the legal help you need. Contact us today at 630-427-4407. We serve clients throughout DuPage, Will, Kane, Kendall, and Cook Counties.

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